AI-CUBE Workshop for AI & BD Technologies Experts in the process industry – Gaps Analysis, Opportunities and Barriers

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26 Jan 2022

AI-CUBE invites you to its project workshop devoted to identifying the main gaps and opportunities for Artificial Intelligence & Big Data technologies in the process industry.

The workshop will unveil the latest results of AI-CUBE on the AI and BD technologies applied in the 10 SPIRE sectors (Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Engineering, Non-ferrous metals, Minerals, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Water), and the results achieved.

The consortium has already identified a preliminary set of concerns and opportunities per sector and now is looking for experts in AI & BD technologies with experience in the process industry to validate and expand the findings.

If you are interested in discussing with your peers and want to identify opportunities to do more with AI and BD, join the consortium on 23rd February (10:30 CET)!

Register your participation here.

At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide further opportunities towards AI&BD driven business models and participation to the upcoming SPIRE/PROCESS4PLANET event in June.