Join AI-CUBE in the online workshop to assess the impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the process industry!

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1 Oct 2021

In the framework of AI-CUBE, the consortium has been working in the identification and assessment of the impacts of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies in the SPIRE industry. In a first step, we identified the impacts of these technologies in the industry considering 4 dimensions (human, plant, R&I and value chain). After a consultation with experts, we have selected the more relevant impact. Finally, we have created 4 scenarios for the future impact of AI and BD technologies in the process industry. The scenarios consider the level of implementation of the technologies and the disaggregation in their applications.

Join us on October 8th and help us evaluating these scenarios and work further in the future impact of AI&BD technologies!

The workshop will use a multi actor multi approach methodology involving all the actors in the process industry which will generate a discussion on trends, expected impacts and the expected performance of AI and BD technologies.

Look up at the Agenda and connect here!