AI-CUBE at the PRO-VE2022 Conference

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27 Sep 2022

The AI-CUBE project joined the PRO-VE2022 Conference, an event that aims to be a forum for sharing and discussing current developments and experiences regarding the role of collaborative networks in digitalization as well as identifying and discussing challenges ahead towards a collaborative Society 5.0.

The event took place in Lisbon (Portugal) from September 19th to 21st, under the theme “Collaborative Networks in Digitalization and Society 5.0”.

The conference agenda foresaw lots of interesting panel sessions, and our project partner CNR-IEIIT was invited to join the “Society5.0 -how to offer integrated services to citizens?” session, which was held on September 20.

Rosanna Fornasiero highlighted the link between industry and Society5.0 and presented AI-CUBE as a project proposing to analyse AI and BD along different dimensions such as strategy, organisation, people showing the link to Society 5.0. The presentation also underlined the work carried out by the consortium on the impact of these technologies on workers and ethics dimension, focusing on how important it is that companies don’t focus only on internal processes but should take into consideration the impact of the way they run business.